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Welcome to the world of VFoxes 🦊 The story starts with the VFox Alliance collection. The VFoxes are kind and brave shinobis. Their role is to watch over the population of VFoxia and safeguard peace and prosperity… But today, times of peace are in danger! In remote areas, rumors say that several villages have been wiped off the map by mysterious VFoxes with no souls – the Undead. Their origins are unknown, but more and more attacks are being reported. We must react quickly and create an alliance among VFox tribes! But could some tribes be conspiring with the Undead? 

How does the past affect the present and the future in VFoxia. Does the key to defeating the Undead lie in the past? With the origins the VFoxes are going back to the beginning, where it all started, when the Jade tribe was still there in all its glory.

The vfox collections

The VFox Alliance is a collection of 4,999 VFox NFTs—unique digital characters living in VFoxia, a world powered by the VeChain blockchain. The collection is launched on March 6th 2022. Each VFox originates from one of 10 tribes and some belong to the Undead. They are programmatically generated on the basis of over 180 characteristics – which includes their fur, weapons and other accessories. During the launch the minting revenue was also helping a good cause: 10% of total sales went to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to help protect 80 million people forced to flee their homes due to war, violence and persecution.

The VFox Alliance – Origins is a collection of 3,999 VFox NFTs—high-detailed 3D characters, powered by the VeChain blockchain. The collection is launched on June 25th 2022. The Origins collection consists of  high-rendered graphics introducting a new Jade tribe.

The VFox Geckos is a free collection of 2.000 Gecko NFTs. This is a utility collection in the VFox eco-system. The VFoxes are highly bounded with Geckos and these give the foxes additional power in different areas of the eco-system of our project.

There are nine species of geckos and each has their own number of charges it can use to  power-up a VFox in a game or to be used otherwise. Once a charge is used it can be recharged by paying $VFA.



Two cool  VFox collections! The Alliance where it all began, and the Origins for the extremely detailed 3D formed NFT’s.


Get your VFoxes to start earning $VFA! Our token can be used througout the eco-system in games, bots, upgrades, and more…


Appealing story telling to bring our VFoxes to live!


Geckos! The VFoxes are friends with geckos, the geckos boost their powers! Do you want to know more, check us out!


VFoxia hosts 11 tribes of VFoxes who live in very different ecosystems – from the deep pine forests of the southern island to the volcanoes of the north and the drifting iceland on the VeSea. These different climates, alongside historical events, have shaped VFox’s unique skills and powers.



What’s your favorite tribe? Click on the tribe card to see all details!


We are a mighty team committed to the success of the VFox Alliance!












Your source of knowledge
NFT states for “Non-fungible token”: a collectible piece of digital art or asset stored on the blockchain.
Minting is the stage at which a digital file is turned into a NFT stored on a blockchain. In the case of an NFT collection, the mint is complete when a set number of collectibles have been purchased and randomly allocated.

You will be able to mint a VFox on the marketplace.

Whitelist: 520 VET per VFox
Public: 700 VET per VFox
There is no buying limit. NFTs can also still be exchanged and sold by their owners once the mint is over.
After connecting your wallet and minting your #VFox on, go to your profile and click on the VFox Alliance collection… and now your VFox is waiting for you in the unlisted tokens section! 🦊

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